Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a diagnostic treatment method, which helps to restore and balance the structural, chemical and mental factors, producing the “triad of health”. AK-practitioners understand the body as a self-maintaining and self-correcting mechanism.
Applied Kinesiology was first introduced by George H. Goodheart, Doctor of Chiropractic in 1964. In the early days it used to be a diagnostic tool mainly for chiropractors. But soon also osteopaths and other alternative practitioners implemented AK into their practice. In Germany we have many dentists using AK as a diagnostic tool to evaluate best treatment options.


The healing process as a model of an onion

AK is treating the individual rather than a symptom or a disease. This means the practitioner is always trying to resolve the core issue of your problem, and not just the symptoms.

Imagine your healing process as a model of an onion. Each treatment visit the practitioner will help you to resolve your imbalance. Your body will heal “layer by layer” in order to restore full balance and life quality. Each visit your body will be concerned with a different layer and therefore a different treatment priority. Each treatment programme is uniquely tailored to the individual.


Aim is…

to bring the body “step by step” back to balance. The use of manual muscle testing helps the practitioner to evaluate body function. This is of great benefit for the patients too, as they are actively involved in the treatment process. Diagnostic manual muscle testing offers practitioners and patients great feedback and outcome measurements. Which means you are able to see changes in your healing process right away!

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