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Neck pain

The neck is the transition from chest to head. It is very flexible, so that we can quickly turn and see in every direction and also, if necessary, quickly move our head out of a danger zone (i.e. if a low hanging object might hit our head).

Construction of the neck

The nape is the posterior part of the neck, where the majority of the musculature as well as the cervical spine is located. A closer look at this fragile construction quickly reveals the immense task of our neck to precisely and rapidly move but also stabilize our 5 to 6 kilogram head. Also, the brain is aware of the importance of the positioning of the head: meticulously, it ensures that our eyes are always in a horizontal position, so that our visual perception and our equilibrium organs in the inner ear are able to supply us with accurate information. These mechanisms are important to keep us functioning in day to day life, though the complexity of this task often causes trouble for our neck.

The neck as the last link

When we get hurt or a joint, a muscle or a ligament is not working properly anymore, our body makes efforts to reallocate the weight. Two fixed-points in this process only have a limited capacity to adjust: our feet, which stand firm on the ground, and our head, which has to always be kept straight, due to the importance of the eyes and organs of equilibrium. The tensions are reallocated to all other parts. Due to its high flexibility and its strategically important location right beneath the head, our neck is burdened with a considerable part of this tension.

When it gets obvious in the process of diagnosis that your neck pain is rooted in this or a similar process, your chiropractor will explain that to you in detail and put great emphasis on releasing the tension in your whole body to also benefit your neck pain.

A bended neck as the main cause for neck pain and neck hardening

As you take a closer look around the U- or S-Bahn, the working place or the family, you can easily recognize that most people’s postures resemble the sketch you are seeing here. In these cases, it is the neck that is carrying the majority of the weight. It acts like a stick on which our head is resting. To really comprehend what kind of job our neck is doing there, I would like to invite you for a little experiment.

Take a hammer and grab it at the very end of the handle while the head is resting at the top. Now let it tilt to one side. You will recognize how much the feeling of weight changes by that. Maybe you are thinking: “But it´s not too bad.”

Well…over a short period of time, such a position would be no problem. Most people with a bended neck, though, keep this position day by day and year by year. In such a period of time, this posture will cause problems.

Treatment of neck pain

A treatment of neck pain looks like this: Firstly, we use chiropractic to work on an erect posture. You would be surprised by how quickly you see the first results. After that, we release tensions from your body. Since these tensions put your neck in the position of having to compensate for them.

After a short time, 70 to 80% of the neck pain and tension will be gone, or at least vastly reduced. Should the cause of your neck pain be located in the neck itself, we will discuss manual manipulation on the neck as well.

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