The effectiveness of chiropractic treatment

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Mechanism of Chiropractic

The chiropractic treatment performed by Chiropractors is barely known in Germany. Nevertheless, clients can receive treatment for an astonishing spectrum of ailments. Chiropractors are specialists for everything regarding your joints, muscles and nerves. Our practice is furthermore specialized on the support of emotional and energetic processes.

First of all, the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment is explained by mechanic and neurological means. The processes that are triggered support each other and cannot be separated.

Our nervous system contains the brain, the spinal cord and the nerves that exit and enter the spinal cord. The spinal cord and the brain are working like a control center that is regulating all processes in our body, either consciously or unconsciously. The relevance of these two is also reflected in our physique, since nature grants extensive supporting bone structure only to the most important parts of the body. We find them in our thick cranial bone and the robust, yet flexible, spine, which can hardly be separated from the brain or spinal cord itself.

Only when the spine is moving ideally can the nervous system move freely. If you have rigid parts in your spine, blockages or even a herniated disk, the flow of your nervous system is limited.

The brain and the spinal cord are to be considered as one. Just as you call the green and the red of a watermelon combined – a watermelon.

Tension in the nervous system may cause a multitude of symptoms

Tension in our most important control system can directly and indirectly cause problems. Depending on where a pull is executed, the concerned parts of the body may directly experience pain, prickling, numbness, burning or similar symptoms. In order to relieve tension and protect your nervous system, your body will lean more to one side than the other. This is a strategy to avoid pain and damage to the nerves. Simultaneously, though, other parts of the body get much more tension, which leads to the indirect occurrence of symptoms that occasionally are far away from the source of the problem. Chiropractors are trained to read and pull together your symptoms, relieving posture and much more in order to identify the source of the problem. By this, they are able to resolve a symptom at the cause.

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