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Back pain

Back pain is widely spread throughout our modern Western civilization. Considering Germany alone, in 2016 two thirds of the population were affected.

Back pain is a broad term: The roots of pain between the shoulder blades are often distinct from those of a pinching pain in the central back or lower loin region.

Back pain: A symptom, not a disease

One of the questions most frequently asked by our patients is: “Where does this pain actually come from?“ The back consists of several structures which can generate pain. Quite often, the intervertebral discs are considered the root of all evil. Experience, though, shows that in many cases the symptoms originate from other painful structures like the back muscles, the fascia or the back joints. It is crucial to recognize that back pain is an expression of an underlying functional disorder. It is not an autonomous illness.

A good diagnosis is mandatory for treatment

Since back pain can originate from so many structures in the closer or wider periphery of the central point of pain, an exact diagnosis before the actual treatment is indispensable. Imagine you suffered from pain in the lower back due to an inflammation of the small vertebral joints. The old domestic remedy of putting a hot-water bottle on the aching spot would cause you trouble for some hours, as inflammations are best treated in cooling them. In the same way it is crucial to know if your lower back pain originates directly from there or if it has its source in the upper back or even in inner organs.

Pain radiating into legs – we can help

If the lower back hurts, it often includes pain in the buttocks or the legs. This may be perceived as irritating by many people. In fact, you should consult an expert to allow for an adequate evaluation of the situation. At the same time there is no cause for concern, as many muscles, vertebral joints and other structures can send pain into the legs. A thorough examination is important in order to identify the real cause and then initiate a well-directed treatment plan.

Blockages between the shoulder blades – like a stab with a knife

Whoever has experienced sharp pain between their shoulder blades is likely to remember it. It is often described as a “knife“ which, during certain movements of the head and torso, stabs without fail. This is a typical case for chiropractic treatment. The cause for such pain can usually be found in daily routines, especially in habitual sitting and lying positions. After treatment, your chiropractor will advise you amply on how to use your favourite armchair, sofa or office chair in a way that protects your health.

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