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Chiropractic as companion on the road to recovery

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The treatment plan: Stages on the way to health

The treatment plan is based on a first evaluation by your chiropractor and lists the phases you will pass through during your personal healing process. In this way, right from the start you get an idea as to what you can expect with regards to the duration of the journey and the number of treatments needed to reach, together with your chiropractor, the aims discussed in your first session. What these aims are can range from an improvement in mobility to reduced pain to an increase in absolute personal well-being with regards to emotional, mental and physical aspects.

Every treatment plan is unique

While we would like to provide you with a first general insight into the treatments here, we would also like to highlight that chiropractic sincerely respects the unique nature of each human being. That being said, as a rule, the treatment of a symptom that has persisted for an extended period of time requires higher intensity, and consequently, more sessions. The practitioner can then, for example, realign the body structure in order to reduce a strong forward lean in a person’s stance. Together with your chiropractor, you will also develop healthy habits tailored to your needs, so that you yourself can contribute to a start into an upright life.

Treatment phases – from the first visit to the realization of your goals

Defined goals are, for both you and your chiropractor, the essential foundation on which an effective treatment and, consequently, your satisfaction rests. Our goal is to effect a sustained improvement in your life. For this, it is necessary to work out what infringes on your life quality and what change you wish for.

The number of treatments necessary depends, besides the severity of the symptoms, on the cause of your grievance. By analyzing how long you have been suffering from the problem, which underlying diseases exist and what the current condition of your body structure is, we get a better picture of how your body can return to its natural state: perfect well-being.

There exist several main pillars around which the treatment is oriented:

In Phase 1, the emphasis is on the reduction of symptoms and the laying of a foundation for long-lasting good health. In many cases, it is recommended to pursue high-frequency treatment in this phase, meaning two sessions per week for the first two to three weeks. Figuratively speaking, we are preparing your body to gently settle into its own wholesome balance.

In Phase 2, an understanding crystalizes as to which factors created your acute or chronic condition. In this phase, it is advisable to have longer intervals between appointments. Firstly, your body is not yet ready to sustain the accomplished state, and secondly, we use the increasing gap between treatments to find out which factors in your everyday life trigger your ailment. Here we will advise you extensively with regards to sitting, sleeping, pillows, inserts for shoes, and similar factors.

Phase 3 is dedicated to stabilization.  At this point, only slight discomfort exists or none at all. We have had a thorough look at your daily routine and have alleviated weak points. Additionally, we will show you, if necessary, bodily exercises that are aligned with your needs. The visits to the practice now become increasingly rare. We recommend an interval of one to four months. You can decide to integrate chiropractic into your life as a health-sustaining measure, or you can simply drop by spontaneously if, at some point, you require treatment again.

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