Chiropractic and emotions

The balancing effect on emotions and feelings

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How does chiropractic affect emotions and feelings?

In the first place, most people associate chiropractic with a holistic and successful method for helping with back pain. What only very few know is that chiropractic can also have a harmonizing effect on our emotional framework and feelings.

At this point we want to invite you to do a little experiment:

Please sit down in a chair for 10 to 20 seconds. Be conscious to sit upright. Try to perceive how you are feeling. Now let your body loosen like you have often watched other people do, letting themselves go while sitting at their desk or kitchen table.

Don´t hesitate…let yourself completely go. Recognize, after 30 seconds in this position, how you are feeling now. Perceive the clarity of your thoughts and the negative or positive alignment of your emotions. Due to this collapsed posture, you will most likely notice that your thoughts are more blurry than before and will probably be going round in circles, not finding a conclusion. As a general rule, you will feel less vivid and less energetic.

Chiropractic as a tool to improve your posture and therefore change your aura towards your surroundings

On the one hand, our posture has an incredible impact on the positivity or negativity of our thoughts, feelings, and emotions. On the other hand, it defines how we affect other people. Nevertheless, having to remind yourself permanently about sitting and standing straight will most likely not improve your posture in general.

In fact, improving your posture is a whole process which is supported by chiropractic. Your chiropractor will find out the types of adjustments that need to be made in order to release the tension that is pulling you to the front and down.

We have two types of tension in our body. The uplifting tension naturally makes us stand and sit straight. A bad posture is caused by the tension which is pulling us to the front and sideways. With the help of chiropractic, you can release this front and sideways pulling tension to naturally and effortless stand and sit upright.

The second effect on your emotional system caused by chiropractic might have a neurological origin. You can imagine our nervous system as an interconnected solid web of nerve cells. Tensions in the brain can be caused when the mobility of this web is limited. A reason, therefore, might be the spine restricting the spinal cord from moving freely. As our feelings, thoughts, and emotions also arise from the brain, they are equally affected by blockages and limited mobility of the spine.

When people are suffering from pain and restricting symptoms, there will easily be a pessimistic tendency to imagine a life of pain that they will never be freed from. Chiropractic helps you to find your way back to self-efficacy. It is our job to thoroughly inform you about the healing process and use the right methods for you. Soon, they will make the pain and limitations turn into memories and brighten up your emotions. We will give you all the information about your condition, so you won´t have to fear the unknown. According to our experience, this knowledge can calm many anxieties and allow you to concentrate on our actual task: to get well again.

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