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Resolving headaches holistically.

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Resolving headaches holistically

Headaches have been growing into a widespread disease over the last several decades. For some, headaches are a constant companion that impact their daily lives in a strong way. Light or heavy, pulsating or hammering – this symptom has many faces.

Dangerous or “harmless“?

In the vast majority of cases, headaches are harmless. Nevertheless, there are some forms of headache that strongly call for medical attention. As a rule of thumb, every new headache and every known headache that is suddenly and drastically changing in intensity or duration, should be clarified.

“Harmless“ headaches are symptoms that are not life threatening. Their causes can be found in the muscles, joints of the spine, jaw, teeth, eyes or ears. Due to that spectrum, an in-depth analysis and diagnosis is obligatory at the beginning of the treatment. “Harmless“ headaches are also rather easily treatable when the cause can be identified correctly.

The quotes on harmless are used intentionally, since they are very well able to affect your life intensely. When your drive is diminished by that, it also diminishes your life quality. Chiropractic is able to relieve your headache quickly and, eventually, also cure it.

Tension Headaches

These headaches are the widest spread type of headache in our society. In fact, every second adult in Germany suffers at least once a year from this kind of headache.

The causes are not to be found in any specific structure, muscle or vertebral joint. Much more, they are rooted in tensions that, again, are caused by our posture, pain in other parts of the body (like the lower back) or an imbalance in the joints of the jaw. An interaction of many of these factors sooner or later results in tension headaches.

In the treatment of tension headaches, it is important to clarify if it is a genuine tension headache, since often there are similar types of headaches that have similar pain patterns. The therapy then consists of manual treatments, as well as treatment of the fascia, muscles, joints and nerves. Combined, these components are contributing to your body to relieve as much tension as possible. Since this type of headache is mainly caused by daily habits, it is essential to investigate when exactly they occur. By that, we can discuss adjustments to your daily life and plan concrete steps of implementation.


Migraine is one of the most intense forms of headache you can imagine. An aura that makes it possible to differentiate from other forms only occurs in 10 to 15% of the cases. In most cases, a one-sided, intense pain is experienced. Many patients concerned experience the pain as pulsating. Often it is felt at the temples or the area of the eyes. The malicious part of migraines is that they can occur suddenly, without any obvious reason. Occasionally, days can go by until the symptoms subside.

The causes of migraine are controversial even today. Some scientists opine the widespread assumption that blood vessels in the head are the cause. For some time already, though, scientific research has suggested that it might be caused by a certain hyperactive brain nerv, the Trigemius.

Treatment of migraine

At “Holistic-Chiro-Practice“ we have many years of experience in the treatment of migraines. For up to two thirds of our patients, we can relieve pain significantly. Some patients are even completely free of pain by the end of the treatment. There is a good prognosis for patients that simultaneously suffer from neck pain, back pain or shoulder pain. There is also a good prognosis if you suffer from combination headaches and if, in addition to your migraine, you suffer occasionally from other types of headaches. Less favorable is a prognosis for patients whose migraine is related to hormonal balance, like for women that only suffer from migraines in conjunction with their menstruation.

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