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Individual treatments for lasting resultats

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Subsequent treatments: Making way for health

After the initial examination and treatment, it is around 15 to 20 minutes for subsequent treatments. We recommend to be here five minutes prior to your appointment so that you have some time for rest.

A dialogue is the beginning of every treatment

Every treatment begins with a brief talk. During this, your chiropractor likes to observe how your prior treatments have altered your state of health and what issues are most distressing to you currently. This talk is an essential part of your treatment, since many health problems are rooted in our daily habits and behaviors.

No matter sensitive or tough – we find the right treatment for you

In my treatment, I combine several techniques to assure the best and longest lasting health benefits for you. All these treatments are aligned with the short- and long-term effects that you wished for in our initial talk. Whatever ailments you wish to resolve – be it pain, restrained movements, prickling sensations, numbness or the like – our first priority is always to relieve your symptoms, or even better, to eliminate them for good. At the same time, our focus is on eliminating the root causes of your problems and enabling you to lead an independent life that is free of pain as far as possible.

Many patients experience fast results

After every treatment, the chiropractor is getting a new impression of your state of health. He is observing how the treatment influenced your symptoms and your posture. Depending on how you received the treatment, he will give you recommendations on how to support the treatment in the best way during the following hours and what you can do to resolve your issues in the future.

Please ask us for pictures of your posture prior to and after the treatment

What our regular clients are already used to causes some astonishment for our new clients: “Can I really see my posture change after only one treatment?“ The answer: “YES. In most cases you can.“ Also, improvement of movement and relief of pain is a common result of an initial treatment. You will have the opportunity to discuss what specific effects you can expect and how quick they will occur.

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