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The First Visit

Take your time to arrive

For many, a feeling of excitement and tension accompanies the first visit to a chiropractor. This is very understandable. You suffer from acute and potentially even chronic pain or you are fighting long-standing symptoms (like, for example, dizziness, numbness, a tingling sensation, pressure on the eyes, grinding your teeth, tinnitus or arms that keep falling asleep) that affect and limit your experience of life. Now you have made a decision to confide in a practitioner with whom, at the beginning of the treatment, you have not yet developed a personal relationship. In many cases, you have already visited several therapists and doctors, and you tell yourself: “I hope it will work this time and I will get better.” You long for a breakthrough that restores your quality of life.

What do I have to bring?

The first chiropractor session focuses on the initial diagnostics, during which you will be thoroughly examined. If you have any kind of X-ray photographs, MRI or CT scans or other similar images, we ask you to please bring them along. Laboratory results or any other form of medical reports can also be helpful and may complete the picture. If the need arises for a specific examination to clarify or confirm the diagnostics, then the chiropractor will discuss this with you in depth.

In the practice

Once you arrive at the practice you will be warmly welcomed by our staff at the reception. They will hand you a questionnaire and ask you to fill it out. We recommend being there 10 to 15 minutes before the time of your appointment, so that you are unhurried and able to relax while you drink a cup of tea or a glass of water.

In the practitioner’s office

In the practitioner’s office, you and your chiropractor have 30-40 minutes to find the roots of your problems, pinpoint the issues and determine how best to proceed from there. A plan for the first steps will then provide you with starting points for what your personal healing path could look like. Besides an extensive dialogue and a thorough bodily examination, treatment will also be part of your first visit.

It is essential to us that we truly understand your symptoms and know how, from that point, you can get to a state of better health, freedom from pain and increased flexibility and mobility. For this, the chiropractor will sketch out a plan for you which will give you an overview of the number of necessary treatments and the timeframe within which you can expect significant improvements. Further, the chiropractor will highlight which additional measures are appropriate in order to accelerate the healing process.

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