In these time of the Corona virus, it is important for us to let you know that our clinic is doing everything we can, to protect you and make sure that you are treated in a safe way.

We take the following steps:

  • We take care that there will be an increased routine of disinfections for the clinic rooms as well as for the toilets, waiting room and public spaces. Frequently throughout the day, all handles and touching points will be disinfected too.
  • If any of our team members shows any signs of a cold or other symptoms, they are asked to stay home. We are asking the same of our patients.
  • We pay attention that there will be enough space and distance in the waiting room and we avoid crowded times at any of our treatment hours.

We are aware that at the moment there might be slight delays as we are engaging with disinfection processes. We apologies for the slight inconvenience.

In addition, we will be offering you a special form of treatment.

If you are feeling that you are more sensitive or in general more concerned and you need a treatment in a separated atmosphere from other patients – we created the following special option for you:

We enable you to meet our head of the clinic, Jan Müller, in a special procedure that does not include reception or encountering other people at all. In this treatment, you can go directly to a special waiting room alone, where Mr. Müller will pick you up from, and you will receive the treatment, including the payment process and the booking of the new appointment directly with him. Without the need to go through reception or office rooms. If you are interested in this contact-free option, let us know about it already as you are booking your next appointment via the phone.

Our special advice for you:

The current COVID-19 challenge demands different approaches and answers on different levels. The first level is the level of hygiene. That we have already discussed and covered. The second one is less discussed but we find it equally important – strengthening our own immune system.

We are happy to offer you this information about natural ways to strengthen your immune system, from Dr. Nir Brosh, that is part of the Human Greatness Team.

We are and will be here for your health and well being all year long!

With kind regards,

Jan Müller and Team