Chiropractic from a “real chiropractor.“

Profound medical knowledge causing holistic somatic effects.

Chiropractic – effective and holistic.

Chiropractic is an effective and holistic healing method for diverse physical symptoms. The very special thing about chiropractic is the fact that it is about understanding the human being as a whole, with all its different layers influencing each other.


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Precision and quality of chiropractic

In the German language, there is a huge difference between a “Chiropraktiker“ and a “Chiropraktor.“ In contrast to a “Chiropraktiker,“ the “Chiropraktor“ has accomplished full-time medical studies of 5 to 7 years, warranting the precision and quality of the manual therapy, which guarantees the patient a professional, effective and profound treatment.

Numerous theoretical and practical exams certify the “Chiropraktor.“ Only this makes him capable of dealing with a large variety of symptoms in a conscientious and effective way.

“Real chiropractors“ have completed full-time medical studies.

In Germany, as well as in the rest of the world, chiropractors have a unique education and overall approach.

Osteopaths can also be counted to the group of therapists working with holistic methods. Their education, though, is only as adequate as the chiropractors´, having graduated with a doctor of osteopathy (DO) in America.

The sensitive work with the spine, joints, muscles, and nerves gives the chiropractor direct access to the central controlling mechanisms of the body. This is very important to create a fast and lasting effect as well as a balance in our body.

Be careful with your choice…

To this day there is still no true chiropractic course of study offered in Germany. This means that there are only about 100 real certified and thoroughly educated Chiropractors. The two very alike terms “Chiropraktor“ and “Chiropraktiker” commonly lead to confusion. Similar syllables – yet quite a different meaning. “Chiropraktikers,“ for example, have visited an undefined number of weekend seminars, through which they attained their title. As a matter of fact, this title does not tell you much about their capabilities.

Contrary to that, you can rely on foundational knowledge, many years of full-time studies and practical training when it comes to a “Chiropraktor.“

Effective treatment of daily aches and pains

At Ganzheitlich Chiropraxis we specialize in treating the ailments of your everyday. Back pain, headaches, tingling, and numbness in hands and legs, for example, can be greatly relieved with chiropractic work. Pain in the shoulders, neck, knees, and hips also enter the range of symptoms we treat with great effect.

The human in the center of our focus

During treatment we look at you holistically, acknowledging all parts of your humanness. You will get an adequate amount of time to introduce us to your ailments and we will discuss the background of your physical condition. The atmosphere at our chiropractic center is very personal and trusting. We see this as a good basis to facilitate health on all levels.

Feel free to call us! We are looking forward to consulting you, and we can determine together if and how we can help you with your specific challenges and symptoms.

Pain: Chiropractic helps

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