Holistic Chiropractic


Chiropractors are not “Chiropraktiker”

The words may look alike, but there is a vast difference between a Chiropractor and a “Chiropraktiker”. Ganzheitlich Chiro-Praxis is one of the very few practices in Germany, where your treatment will be carried out by a fully qualified chiropractor. The Master of Chiropractic involves a seven year university programme that includes practical experience. Most German practices are staffed by “Chiropraktiker”, who do not have the equivalent qualification or training.


At Ganzheitlich Chiro-Praxis, we use an holistic approach to health. We regard you as a whole entity and take into account all levels of your being. To ensure true and lasting healing, we find and treat the root cause of your symptoms. Contact us to find out more or organise a first appointment. We’re here to help the whole you.

Common complaints:

Back pain can occur in your upper, mid and lower back — severe back pain adversely impacts your quality of life. If your back is causing you pain, we can offer quick and long-lasting relief. If back pain is a chronic problem in your life, we at Ganzheitlich Chiro-Praxis will assess and treat the root of the issue, and advice you on how to manage your pain and maintain robust stability.

Headaches vary greatly: from mild to unbearable, some affect mainly men, while others trouble women. Headaches can be experienced as shooting, throbbing, aching, burning, stabbing or crushing. An exact description of your headache is vital for us to ascertain which specific type you are suffering from. Of course, we pay special attention in detecting those headaches that may have dangerous root causes.

Knee pain: The knee is a very special joint. It lies between two very mobile joints, the ankle and the hip. At first glance, the knee appears to have a wide range of movement. But in fact, it can only move up and down, with limited rotation. When either your ankle or hip is not functioning optimally, the knee bears much of the strain. However, its very structure does not allow for such compensation, resulting in knee pains that are at least partially due to the adjacent joints not performing correctly.

Chiropractics can also aid in direct injuries to the knee, such as ligament or meniscus injuries. We are not able to reconstruct a torn meniscus, but experience has shown that pain can be greatly reduced through the treatment of a chiropractor.

Before considering surgery, we would urge you to consult us for a second opinion!

Shoulder pain: Our shoulders connect our arms to our upper body in a way that enables us to move our arms in any direction, almost without limitation. This mobility is produced by an extremely well-tuned composition of muscle activity and very little bone restriction, allowing us to use our arms for pretty much every activity we can think of. The down side to this open mobility is an increased vulnerability to injuries. Knowledge of functional anatomy and refined treatment techniques are needed to achieve long lasting results, so that you may once again participate in life at your healthy best.

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