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Annabelle Gerrard – Chiropractor

My exposure to the science and benefits of Chiropractic care began as a child in California, where the practice has long been established and accepted as an effective, holistic alternative health care system. I remember long conversations with my father, who had his own experience of sciatica, and his best friend, who is a chiropractor and neurologist, about the healing power of the body and the mind. My inspiration and desire to heal others came at a young age, after receiving adjustments and learning about this natural technique for realigning the body to achieve genuine healing, balance and vitality.

Chiropractic care empowers the body to heal itself, removing restrictions in the nervous system, restoring movement where there was very little or none, and, with adjustments, sending sensory input to specific segments of the body, releasing tension and restoring natural energy flow. Pain and discomfort, tiredness, loss of function and restricted movement are the body’s alarm signals for deeper problems. By addressing the root problems in the spine as well as in lifestyle, stress levels, and mind body awareness, not only is relief possible, but a cure is possible.

I attended IFEC, the Franco-European Institute of Chiropractic in Paris, where I learned the fundamentals of managing and treating patients. I received a solid medical education and developed the art of diagnosis. I have also attended many practical seminars to enhance my knowledge and skills and to grow with the evolving field of techniques and understanding.

During my six years at the institute, I became increasingly aware of my own posture, tension and imbalances in my body, as well as the need to strengthen my muscles in order to maintain spinal health and overall well being. Also, I learned that proper posture and alignment is crucial in all kinds of activities, even walking, sitting and sleeping. I am trained to detect and correct postural flaws to avoid imbalances that can lead to weaknesses and eventual degeneration, and at the same time to find a course of exercise to build a healthy core.

My goal is to work with each patient in a holistic way, taking into account all factors physical, mental, and social, in lifestyle and nutrition, in order to achieve spinal health through an individually tailored treatment plan. My motivation is to continue to add to my arsenal of techniques, to give each patient the best treatment possible and to raise awareness about our ability to live healthier lives.

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