With the Holistic-Chiro-Practice you have a place in which we guide and support you, with a comprehensive and holistic medical experience, towards a healthy, pain free life.

We view difficult phases of life as opportunities to follow a call of your soul and to fulfill its potential. For that, it is important that your daily life matches your needs, since procrastinated changes cause acute discomfort in the long run.

Of course our first priority is to relieve you from pain, but right after that, our focus is to identify the root causes of your problems. Only as we understand these can your health permanently improve and stabilize.

Being a human on all levels of life

 Acute or chronic pain does not only affect the body, but also emotions and mental states, since a human is composed of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers. These layers are interlinked and need equal attention during treatment, so that an ailment can be resolved in every aspect.

This holistic approach lets us gain awareness of the potential to become whole human beings, in the awareness that our body is a reflection of the totality of all processes inside of it, rather than a mere container. In this sense, pains are a multi-layered feedback of your state of health. We would like to supply our experience and knowledge to translate pain as a message of your organism. Like an emotional impulse, pain is also a signal, leading us to the core of our very own being.

For the treatment, we consistently use the complexity of the different layers, since the physical treatment is also initiating mental, emotional and spiritual processes. In this sense, it is the aim of the Holistic-Chiro-Practice to use physical symptoms in order to bring about more self-determination, harmony and vitality by positive impulses on all levels of a human being.

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