Michele Oman – Chiropractor

Undergoing chiropractic care was one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life. In fact, at 16 years old, just a few months after my first adjustment, I decided I was going to be a chiropractor. I had never had any major physical problems at that age, nonetheless the awareness that I gained about my body, the increase in stamina, coordination, strength and the overall reduction of stress I was experiencing made me realise what an incredible tool it was!

I grew up in a family where alternative and holistic treatment was always considered the first option, as my mother is a massage therapist and naturopath and my father a physiotherapist. Thanks to them I was introduced at a very young age to the concept of well-being, the importance of movement, the value of a good diet, and so on. After graduating in Sports Science in 2012 and getting a Master’s in Chiropractic in 2016, I continued my training by attending many seminars (Sacro Occipital Technique or SOT, Gonstead seminars, Sanrocco method, etc.), developing a much deeper understanding of the human body, and obtaining a certification in Applied Kinesiology in 2019.

My work philosophy focuses on being able to understand what is the major source of interference in the organism and then correcting it. Physical, chemical, and emotional components, in fact, may be keeping the body from expressing its innate capacity to heal!

In order to facilitate healing I use the following techniques:

  • adjustments of the spinal and extremities

  • muscle testing

  • cranial techniques

  • soft tissue techniques

  • exercise prescription

  • nutritional supplementation

In my spare time I enjoy sports (basketball, frisbee, yoga, climbing and calisthenics), taking time off in nature, cooking, and reading about health, nutrition, self-development and spirituality.