The healing power of darkness

This special darkness therapy is grounded on the principle that complete darkness can support healing and spiritual development in a profound way. Based on brain research combined with traditional darkness treatments, we offer you our creation: a dark room that invites you into a profound experience of healing, rejuvenation, and meditation. It is your Himalayan cave retreat in Berlin!

Through a session in our Darkness Meditative Therapy room—designed like a monk’s cave—you can experience the world of silence and darkness in various ways, using different supportive programs to deepen and enhance your experience.

We recommend a series of 10 treatments on a weekly or biweekly basis, but you can and are most welcome to come and try it whenever you wish to, even just once.

You could choose to enter the room without any program and simply be in complete silence in the darkness. Alternatively you could select programs consisting of meditative music or guided meditations.

The darkness can new bring elements into your life, such as transformative gifts for your body, mind, and spirit; physical, neurological, energetic and spiritual levels of being.

We have special prices on offer for the next 90 days only.

And special offers for the clinic patients!

“Spiritual Spa” Offer:

A special combination of a D.M.T session, Chiropractic session, and Expansion meditation private session, including organic superfood smoothie (3.5 hours of bliss, nourishment and support for the nervous system, body and mind).
15 min Chiropractic
40 min guided Expansion meditation
One-hour D.M.T session with rest and nourishing refreshment
Price: €120

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What can Darkness Meditation aid in?

●    Relaxing and soothing eye tension

●    Balancing and opening the Third eye  (sixth chakra)

●    Supporting the healing from different states of exhaustion or burnout

●    Aiding the solving of sleep disorders

●    Helping muscle relaxation

●    Helping with migraine and tension headaches

●    Enabling nervous system relaxation and nourishment

●    Supporting cognitive rejuvenation

●    Awaking and enabling profound states of meditation and spiritual transformation

●    Creating emotional balance and stabilizing moods

●    Encouraging stress relief and tension reduction

●    And boosting immune system and the supporting recovery processes

Encourage your brain to produce more Melatonin

When one experiences complete darkness, the area of the brain stimulated is a gland called the pineal gland. The pineal gland is the gland in the brain associated with our third eye. According to numerous spiritual teachers, the “opening of the inner eye” shifts our perspective of reality, and opens us up to intuition and to psychic abilities. Whereas the outer world stays the same, our inner world changes.

» The pineal gland needs darkness in order to produce and emit melatonin. Melatonin continues to build up in the brain as you stay in complete darkness. When the melatonin stores build up to about 15-20 mg, the brain begins to realize it no longer needs melatonin and begins producing pinolene. Pinolene is said to be released by the pineal gland also and is responsible for what we call “the light show”. In complete darkness you may be able to see light patterns forming. These visions are connected to the internal workings of the mind.

» Mantak Chia further describes, “Melatonin, the ‘sleep molecule,’ is produced in the pineal gland, in response to the darkness of night and to the circadian rhythms of light and dark that are programmed into the hypothalamus, an endocrine gland located deep within the brain. Melatonin affects major organ systems, quieting the sympathetic nervous system and allowing daily rejuvenation of mind and body. In the Dark Room, melatonin gradually accumulates in the brain.”

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D.M.T. Erfahrungen –  Was unsere Gäste sagen 

“It was an amazing journey. In the beginning I just sat down and felt and immediate relief by just being in a boundless space. It is like tensions in the body immediately start to relax and dissolve in that darkness. Thoughts and the inner turmoil could be observed quite easily without being carried away by it.

Then a creative and joyful energy started to arise. I just sat with it and observed and enjoyed it.

Eventually I started to explore the darkness by moving in it, dancing, and then doing some yoga. I could feel the body but was untouched by it’s movements. Afterwards I just sat in silence. Intense energy was there and boundless awareness.

Then the energy became so intense and ecstatic at the same time.

This room is a miracle!”


“Being in the room, felt like a shedding and peeling of layers, being massaged by the darkness, enjoying the loss of perceptual boundaries and becoming so much vaster in my being. I didn’t want to leave this realm ever again. I stood up and felt how much bigger I was.

I felt for some long moments, deep bliss and joy. I felt as if the first time I understood that word-  Greatness.”


“The darkroom experience was both intense and deep. I felt strong vibrations and energetic streams in my body and felt I was literally flying in the dark.

When I came out, I was feeling very fresh, alive and energized. This feeling remained with me during the day and I woke up feeling calm and very silent from within.

I find the experience of the darkroom very special, one that invites into a deep dive into the universe, into the very essential nature of life and self, and therefore is highly recommended to both meditators and those who are interested in a radical harmonizing and aligning process.


“I came pretty tired. When I entered I felt very well immediately, encased by this intense blackness. I became aware that the combination of silence and blackness provides a “direct” access into the state of pure meditation.

When I came out I felt calm, centered and activated at the same time, vibrant in my body and in a peaceful state of being.”



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