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December 2019

Pelvic obliquity

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What is pelvic obliquity / unequal leg length? Pelvic obliquity is the term frequently used to refer to legs of different lengths. Observing the body’s posture while standing and lying down is often enough for the trained eye to spot an imbalance. What causes pelvic obliquity? First, one divides an imbalance of the pelvis [...]

October 2019

Pain in the rear side of your shoulder – where it comes from and how to treat it 

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Most patients who describe their pain as “shoulder pain”, indicating the upper part of their back, sometimes have no idea that most of their symptoms are actually coming from the lower part of their neck. How do I explain that to them? I normally use a picture like this one: Fig. 1. Pain [...]

June 2019

Health is composed of a balance between structural, chemical and mental factors

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Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a diagnostic treatment method, which helps to restore and balance the structural, chemical and mental factors, producing the “triad of health”. AK-practitioners understand the body as a self-maintaining and self-correcting mechanism. Applied Kinesiology was first introduced by George H. Goodheart, Doctor of Chiropractic in 1964. In the early [...]