M. Sc. Chiropractor

Arne Simonsen DC BSC MSC (chiropractic)

I actually had my first experiences with chiropractic at the early age of seven months. At that time my parents were very concerned that regular medicine wouldn’t cure my diagnosed rotary spasm. It was only after a treatment by a chiropractor that my parents were able to breathe a sigh of relief that I was now entitled to a good start in my life.

Since then, my entire family has been convinced of the power of chiropractic. I saw my chiropractor on a regular basis whilst developing more and more interest in understanding what was actually happening during the treatments, which seemed to work so much better than any medicine ever did. My chiropractor had literally become my doctor for any issues involving muscles and joints.

Over the course of the treatments, during my early teenage years and through the deep conversations I had during that time, chiropractic developed into a passion for me. What has always been pivotal for me is the fact that as a chiropractor, my main capacity is to support people on their way to a healthy and symptom-free life by treating the roots of each complication, as opposed to – as typical for many medical treatments – only dealing with the symptoms. Besides, chiropractic offers the opportunity to evoke positive change in everyone by using gentle, efficient and well-directed alignments, without the use of medication and without unwanted side effects.

During my studies and various training courses I was able to cognitively understand what I had until then only known intuitively. I felt so comfortable during my chiropractor’s treatments because all his attention was focused on me. I hadn’t experienced this feeling in any regular medical treatments before or since.

It has become my passion to practice an alternative form of medicine, to place my clients at the heart of the therapy and to help their bodies rejuvenate in the best way possible. During both diagnosis and treatment I follow a holistic approach so that we can find together the core of your medical condition and, from there, start an effective and comprehensive treatment plan that will allow you to live the life you wish for as fast as possible.

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