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Violetta Beck


Violetta Beck – Osteopath

One of the discoveries I owe to osteopathy is how artfully delicate structures intertwine so that we can lead an intensive life full of the joy of movement. As a long-term endurance runner and yoga practitioner I have always been fascinated by the power that can emanate from alignment. After a lengthy foot injury put my patience to the test, I learned to stimulate my own healing process by feeling into the body-mind connections. I realised that by aligning our mind we can directly impact our body tissues!


My fascination with the hidden connections in the body was fully awakened and I decided to study medicine. The dissecting approach of medicine didn’t satisfy my longing for a holistic perspective, though. I only found the answers that really interested me after osteopathy entered my life.


Since then I’ve continually experienced this art of healing as a huge treasure trove of both theoretical and practical knowledge, in terms of alignment of body, soul and spirit and of how to initiate healing while sourcing energy from this harmony. As an osteopath, I have several manual treatment methods at hand which I use to dissolve blockages or reduce tensions through light touch, mobilizing movements or gentle stretching. Fascia, muscles and joints are addressed in the whole body in a holistic way so that the self healing power of the organism is activated. The coherent interplay of the multiple structures indispensably leads to a sustainable state of health in which symptoms are uprooted from their cause. This is a style of healing that invites humbleness and moments of stillness – qualities that are reflected in my work at “Holistic Chiro-Practice.“

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